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Mining Heritage Monuments

Together with a sister organisation, Brighter Bothwell, the Historic Society commissioned two monuments to celebrate the village’s mining heritage. The first, a replica of the bogies or small wagons which carried the coal from the coal face to the surface was unveiled by John Lindsay and Harry Steele, two former miners from the Castle Colliery and is situated near to the site of the miners’ homes at the corner of Fallside Road and Uddingston Road. The second monument is a plaque recording the history of the Castle Colliery and is to be found at the foot of the remains of the bing (spoil heap) which is at present covered by trees and plants. The area is now a wildflower garden dedicated to the miners. The plaque may be found at the junction of Uddingston Road and Blantyre Road and was unveiled by children from our local primary schools.

A new venture

Our society has recently joined “The Scottish Local History Forum”. This is an organization for and by local history societies and national institutions. We have a listing on the directory of the forum and space where we can contribute news, information, events and our winter talks programme amongst other articles we wish to make known.

The forum has three journals each year and several newsletters each very well produced and printed. The research that goes into writing articles for the journals is very comprehensive and makes for most interesting reading.

The website can be found at: Click on “Member Organisations” then scroll down to find our entry (listed alphabetically) then click on our name to have a look.

If you feel you can contribute in any way, please let us know, that way we can expand our audience.

Petition to protect battlefield sites

Having taken note of attempts by builders to undertake unsuitable developments on or near the sites of historic battlefields in Scotland (including the Covenanters’ Field of 1679) Bothwell Historical Society petitioned the Scottish Parliament to enact legislation to protect 39 battlefields of importance to the nation’s history. These sites have already been designated as such by Historic Environment Scotland. The petition which closed on June 25th collected 1322 signatures from across the globe.  On September 13th the petition was heard by a parliamentary committee who decided to seek further comment from Historic Environmental Scotland, COSLA, Visit Scotland and the Scottish Government. We await with interest to see what happens next and we are grateful to everyone who gave their support.